Remarketing is a marketing strategy that is also known as pay-per-click. This is where you only pay for ads when a customer clicks on your link. Remarketing will start when a customer visits your website. When the consumer leaves your website, your ads will start to pop up over their feeds. This strategy is to involve a customer who first showed interest in your products. By paying per click you can dramatically reduce your marketing costs because you aren’t wasting money between views to keep your ad up while nobody is viewing. Instead, it is available at all times, you only get charged if someone physically clicks on your link.

pay per click

By placing a remarketing tag on specific web pages on your website, you can reconnect with potential buyers by showing them a product that they were originally interested in, but may need a little convincing to take the plunge. By showing them these product multiple times you increase the chances of these potential customers actually making a purchase.

Dynamic remarketing is a slightly more direct method of targeting. Instead of showing these customers a standard advertisement promoting your company, you can direct an ad showing them a  product line, or special features of products that they last viewed on your website. This can increase the chances of them buying these luxurious items that they have previously ben unsure about.

The greatest advantage of remarketing is the potential to make a viewer a buyer. By repetition, you can convince viewers to make a purchase. Because cookies are left in the browsers of customers, you can target these customers when they are interested in your products. Because they just viewed a product on your website, you can obviously say that they are interested in an item so you can then target them with specific content. You can consistently increase conversion rates with efficient remarketing.

Because remarketing works by pay-per-click, a small business can employ this method and find it extremely cost effective. The more people click the higher the conversion rate. The higher your sales the more you can budget for marketing strategies.

Hard data from potential customers is stored. This information may be used in general marketing strategies because you can see what your customers are interested in. There may be reasons people are viewing and not buying so you are able to alter your practices and test the outcomes. By utilizing this hard data you can also target specific customers with the relevant information.

When a customer decides not to buy your product, re – engagement can be extremely effective in encouraging them to make the purchase. You already know that these customers are interested in your products because at least once they have viewed your website. They might have been busy at the time of viewing or just wanted to compare your products,by re – engaging these customers you can provide relevant information that can convert these customers.

Remarketing can ultimately be a very useful marketing tool for your company. Whatever the size of your company, you can implement remarketing cost – effectively. Remarketing can enhance your customer base in ways other digital marketing can not do. Digital marketing techniques can often work together. Implementing this with other digital marketing by local SEO like SEO Shark can greatly increase the amount of engagement you receive from customers. You can improve on your website, keywords and advertising techniques. Rema rketing really has no disadvantage. By integrating this into your marketing efforts, your overall sales will be improved. You will start to see a larger amount of traffic returning to your website and completing a sale.