Doctors finish their busy schedule of work mostly in the evenings but most of them are ready to give their valuable service to the needy patients as doctors on demand service. They offer this service after the normal working hours in hospitals or clinics. They normally charge for the extra time service but some are doing this as a voluntary service to the people in emergencies. Most of the families may have a personal doctor who is available on demand. Physicians on call are a helping hand for the aged and sick. Most of the senior residents of our country need some kind of medical assistance, as they could not move by their own medical practitioner on application is a great help for them.


We examine the most popular need of the people for calling doctors on demand service call centre.

Severe breathing problems

Medical man on appeal service is requested for the treatment of different levels of breathing problems comes first in the list. Weather condition and pollution are the major reasons for this disease. Viral infection and bacterial attack are causing clogging in the respiratory track of the people have weak health . Close door staying in winter season attracts respiratory problems. Cough, fever, chest problems are also can be the cause of the breathing problem. Some kind of allergies also results in asthma or breath problem. Emergency service of these doctors is saving lot of lives with these diseases.


Asthma is a problem of lungs which will not able to pump the air circulation through the wind pipe. We see that a good number of people are suffering from this respiratory issue. After the usual doctor hours doctors come to the patient’s house for giving relief. Medication and giving vapour treatment are the common attention to these patients. Medical women on order are giving a valuable service to these patients also.

Skin irritations and allergy

People may need the attention of medical persons when sudden allergic conditions happen. Allergy or skin rashes may come due to different reasons. Reason for these infections may be our pets, flowers or food. A qualified medical person’s attention and treatment is require for this. Doctors on call facility are helpful for this type of problems because these are mostly happening in the odd times.

Urinary infection and blockage

It is a very common issue among children, ladies and aged persons. We could identify the problem by symptomatically. Burning sensation, difficulty in urination, feeling pain in the track etc are to be taken care and treated promptly. Urinary problems in children and aged require urgent attention of doctors, doctor on demand service is a blessing for them.

Gastric problems

It is also a common medical condition in our area. Severe pain in the gas filled area demand urgent attention of the doctor. Acidity, gastric ulcer are the common reasons for this issue. Doctors attend these patients in emergency as an on call service.

Eye and ear complaints

If our eye or ear get infected our daily functions also will be affected. Acute cases of eye or ear pain should be referred to the doctor and treated. Sometimes it happens in the night time especially for the children, the doctor on demand service is helpful to give a relaxation to the patient.

We have just tried to explain some medical condition that demand doctor’s service after their usual timings. Doctor on demand service is a blessing for so many other sick conditions also.