There are different types of husbands that different wives need to deal with in order to ensure harmonious family life. Some husbands are good enough not to give any problems to their wives. However, not all wives are lucky enough to have that kind of husbands. There are many wives out there who are actually having a hard time dealing with the different moods of their husband. One of the most common attitudes of husbands that wives found hard to deal with is being hot tempered or easily angered for minimal reasons. If you are among the many wives having this type of hubby I am sure you are truly having a hard time dealing with the love of your life. Here are five simple yet helpful tips that might help you deal with a hot tempered hubby:


  1. Readily divert his attention – once you notice your hubby’s temper is about to flare up, the best thing for you to do to tame him down is to readily divert his attention to something light and nice.
  2. Cook special food only for him – as the saying goes, there is no better way for you to enter a man’s heart than his stomach. Thus, when you see something enough for his temper to burst be ready to have his favorite food on hand just in time.
  3. Treat him to a restaurant nearby – it would also help to tame a hot tempered husband if you inch your way out to treat him to a restaurant around your block even if there is no special occasion to celebrate.
  4. Make everything ready for him – to avoid your husband from further flaring up, make sure that all the things he probably needs are all ready whenever he wants to have them.
  5. Be extra sweet to him – there is no other better way of taming a hot tempered hubby than being extra sweet to him every time.




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