Hiring an interior designer and doing up the house is a dream of all women and nowadays has become a matter of prestige and status. Many people love to throw parties and socialize for which you need your house in a presentable state so that you can welcome your guests. This is the reason people go out of their way and pay big fees to popular interior designers to doll-up their homes and why not? If you have the money and are ready to spend it on your house then there is no one to stop you from doing so.

How much does it cost to hire a good interior designer?

The cost of hiring a good interior designer depends on how popular they are and on the size of your house. Most interior designers charge anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour and this is only their designing fee which does not include any artwork, furniture etc. Some designers charge “marking up” according to the choice of décor you select. Example, they may ask for 10-15% markup fee on all purchased good for your home.

How to save money while hiring an excellent interior designer?

  • Give your interior designer a strict budget and ask him to stick to it. You can include some money in this budget that will help you cover the designer’s fee.
  • Choose an upcoming designer instead of hiring the topmost one. Someone who has done a few projects will be able to deliver quality for your house as well. However, you should make sure you see what he has made in the past for reference.
  • Get involved in shopping of the materials, at times this can save a lot of your money. Since you know how much to spend and what is worth your money and you will be able to make wiser choice than anyone else.




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