Leather sofa is furniture that is commonly used for providing comfort for the user. Despite its cost many customers are willing to purchase leather based furniture set due to its comfort and beauty which will increase with respect to time. Most of the customers love the natural texture and look of the hide based chair. Nowadays in the modern day market the furniture’s are available in different materials and designs to make a unique impression on the client. Some companies try to sell furniture’s that are made with a combination of these materials but it is still labelled as leather based chair in the market.

Such marketing methods have put a bad impression on the skin couch industry. This furniture is usually made by using upholstered leather in the contact areas and the remaining areas are made by using plastic or synthetic materials to give a different texture variation to the sofa. Some of these materials that are used for making such items are durable fabric which has the ability to create the look and feel of actual leather. These types of couches are available in different variety of styles in an affordable price range to help the common people to purchase such items.

Nowadays leather settee is made using bonded leather. It is made from intertwining of plastic fibres and bits of leather which are glued together to obtain leather like appearance. This type of furniture has a very low price tag compared to that of an ordinary leather sofa. Due to the usage of such materials the cost for manufacturing such items can also be decreased. Some people consider this as a false and deceptive way of misleading the customers and thereby charging a huge amount from the customers. In some cases the websites of the furniture retailers will lead to artificial leather based ones in the cozy leather sofa section.

The quality of the leather couches will vary based on the material that is used for upholstering it. Some manufacturers tend to use different types of leathers on a single sofa. And this will result in the formation of cracks and peels on the surface. This had an adverse effect on the comfort that was expected from the item. This is a common occurrence from such retailer and they often accuse the customers for not maintaining the item. And the manufacturing companies try to deny the warranty claims as well by pointing the fact that the problem is caused due to the build-up sweat on the sofa.

A normal leather sofa can last more than eight years if it is maintained properly. The surface finish of a leather couch is maintained by using plastic fibres and sand paper. This can help in creating a change in the colour shades as well. In some cases a corrected grain is also used for maintaining the surface smoothness of the couch. Each type of leather require attention based on its type if the leather is left without any maintenance then it may cause further damage and thereby decreasing the life of that material.