Personal hygiene and good grooming are two essential things that individuals need to pay attention to all the time. This is not only to conform to the standards of society but also for personal satisfaction. However, personal grooming in salons can be a bit costly. This is true in many countries where personal services are at higher price compared to other kinds of services. Hence, you really have to be ready with enough money if you so decide to have your personal services in those countries.


In some places having a manicure and pedicure by professionals in a salon is even more expensive than having a dinner date with a loved one in a fine dine restaurant. Despite this fact, women who love to pamper themselves with personal services like spa, pedicure and manicure need not have to worry at all. There are still many ways for them to save a lot of money on these kinds of personal services. Here are some suggestions that might work for you:


  • Do the pampering yourself – learn how to do your own manicure and pedicure to yourself. You can have the pampering you want without having to spend on expensive charges for these kinds of services. If you do it to yourself you only need to spend for the needed cosmetics.
  • Buy cheap but good quality cosmetics – if you have finally decided to do the personal services to yourself make sure to buy cheap yet good quality cosmetics that you are going to use. If you can find this kind of cosmetics it will be an added savings you will get while pampering yourself.
  • Stay simple as you possibly can – for you to get real huge savings on personal services; you better stay as simple as you possibly can. A mere cleaning of your finger and toe nails will definitely do.




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