Food selling is probably one of the oldest forms of business ventures in many parts of the world. This is why you will always see many different restaurants and food carts anywhere in the metropolis. This is because of the fact that based on surveys and studies, food cart business is now becoming popular especially in big cities of popular tourist destinations worldwide. There are also many things to consider before actually venturing into this kind of business. Apart from having enough capital one should know the right places where these food carts will surely become a hit. You need to consider the still competition of this kind of business which is now becoming very popular in many parts of the globe. Here are some of the best places for food cart business.


  • Schools and universities – food cart business will definitely become a huge hit if it is placed near schools and universities wherein students and faculty members are sure target customers. It is important to station this kind of business in places where there are many people to patronize the products
  • Malls – this is another perfect place for one to put food cart business because of the fact that the place if filled with so many people any time of the days of the week. There is a huge market for food cart business in this place which is what is needed for the business to flourish.
  • Church perimeters – the place is another people-filled are which makes it another perfect place for food cart business. This is why it is important for those planning this kind of business to secure an area within the perimeters of a church to ensure gaining more customers. Apart from church goers and parishioners bystanders and passersby are also among the possible market for food cart business stationed in church perimeters.



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